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Los Angeles Museum of Love Crimes of Passion Interactive offers the best adventure to test your relationship. There will be handcuffs, blindfolds, shocks, and deaths. Make your reservations now.


A True Crime Connection Adventure where you explore the devastation caused by unhealthy relationships. 

A BOLD journey that delves into taboo and underrepresented topics in an innovative and thought-provoking manner.


Welcome to "An adventure in true crime connections", where you and a partner will delve into over 50 different true crime cases that were sparked by difficulty with human connections. This is not just a viewing museum, but a doing museum where you will actively interact with the true crime. Be prepared to immerse yourself in the stories and solve the crimes as you explore the complexities of human relationships.

There will be handcuffs, blindfolds, shocks, and deaths in Los Angeles interactive museum, Crimes of Passion Interactive. Explore if you're in an unhealthy relationship. Make your reservations.
end an adventure with Los Angeles best crime museum only at Crimes of Passion Interactive. Explore the limits of your relationship.

Prepare for two hours of meticulously planned surprises at every turn of the museum.

This experience is ideal for:

  • Those who have an interest in true crime and investigating

  • People who enjoy delving into thought-provoking and intriguing subjects

  • Individuals who are fascinated in understanding the complexities of human behavior.

A peculiar mix of revulsion and intimacy.  

Crimes of Passion Interactive is the best true crime museum in Los Angeles. Visit our page to make reservations now.

What to Expect

Come here at Crimes of Passion Interactive, the number one interactive museum in Los Angeles. Bring your partners with you and explore the health of your relationship.

Your entire adventure is interactive, so you must bring a partner. We can assure you that you will learn new things about one another and hopefully connect on a new level, but beware, like the title of the adventure suggests, this experience could cause conflict. Are you confident that your relationship can withstand the test?


As soon as you arrive, we will begin your case file and escort you to separate intake rooms to compare the accuracy of your stories


Next, you'll enter our red flag room, where a major twist awaits.


If you are successful in the red flag room, you will move on to a series of competitions to determine who earns the title of best marksman, forensic anthropologist, and forensic scientist.


After the competitions, your trust levels will be tested through lie detection, electric shocks, blindfold tests, and a psychological evaluation.


A devastating consequence of broken trust is death- so you will travel to this dark destination and explore various unspoken aspects of it, such as how you would like your body to be disposed of, cryonics, your last meal, your regrets and your basic knowledge of crime scenes and killers that may have been the cause of your death.


However, you will survive death miraculously and enter our room of mysteries, where we connect true crime to mysterious beliefs such as Tarot cards, Astrology, Blight Sight, and the science of the Ouija board.

Make a reservation with Crimes of Passion Interactive, the best crime museum and museum of love in Los Angeles. Find out more about your partner and try our adventures.

Tickets 68 for two people

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