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Crimes of Passion

What to Expect

As soon as you arrive, we will begin your case file and escort you to separate intake rooms to compare the accuracy of your stories. Next, you'll enter our red flag room, where a major twist awaits. If you are successful in the red flag room, you will move on to the Trust Room where many tests await.  There will be lie detection, electricity and blindfolds here.  

The devastating consequences of broken trust can lead to death, so you will explore various unspoken aspects of death, such as how you would like your body to be disposed of, cryonics, your last meal, your regrets, and your basic knowledge of crime scenes and killers that may have been the cause of your death. However, you will survive death miraculously and enter our room of why?  We will explore different factors that seem to play a role in the dark side of love and cimre.  

Your entire adventure is interactive, so you must bring a partner. We can assure you that you will learn new things about one another and hopefully connect on a new level, but beware, like the title of the adventure suggests, this experience could cause conflict. Are you confident that your relationship can withstand the test?


Free with your adventure

As part of your adventure, you will receive:

  • A case file that includes our red flag literature

  • A set of handcuffs, a blindfold, and perhaps a black heart

  • Complimentary tea, cocoa, and water

We offer free parking behind the museum. You can park in the back and walk around to the front. Your adventure ticket is valid for 2 hours, but most visitors take more time in the museum. We allow you to stay until closing time. However, if you plan to spend a longer time, it is recommended to attend earlier in the day as we have a hard close time 2 hours after the last reservation. This exhibit is reservation only.


Reservations When you purchase a ticket – it is for 2 people.  You'll be given a 2 hour time slot for access to the museum.  We accept reservations every 15 minutes. You can make changes to your reservation up to 24 hours in advance through our website. Upon arrival, please use our complimentary parking lot located at the back of the museum and proceed to the front entrance. The door will be locked, so you will need to contact us to gain access to the facility. 


Location and Hours-  We are located at 4326 Melrose Ave.  Los Angeles, CA 90029

Cross streets Vermont and Melrose-  There is free parking in the back of the museum off of Heliotrope.  It is a large parking lot and you will see the word MUSEUM on the back walls.  We are open seven days a week


Contact-  Need more of an explanation-  Call us or text us -we do answer the phone- 323 928-2274.  Email us-



time spent with us

You will travel the museum freely.  There will be others in the museum with you. Our staff interacts with you in the beginning, but then you are independent for the rest of your time with us.  


Children-  We love children.  The owner is a single mother of five beautiful boys.  However, this is not a museum for children.  We do not allow anyone under the age of 15 to enter the museum-

Please call us with questions 323 928 2272.


Our exhibit hours vary, but on most days, we open at around 2 pm and the last reservation will be at around 7-8 pm and closing time will be around 9-10 pm. We definitely will stay open 2 hours after your reservation time.  (Reservation time 7:30 - the earliest we would close is 9:30 pm)

When you purchase your tickets, it will offer the exact time slots available for the exhibit you are planning to attend.


We require a reservation- just click on the reservation link.  You should receive a confirmation email, but you do not need to print a ticket.  We will have your name at the front desk when you enter, you may need to show proof of purchase via email. If you have questions- call us at 323 9282272. 


Our price is 68 dollars for two people, but you receive complimentary mementos that can be used after you leave us.

As part of your adventure, you will receive:

  • A case file that includes our red flag handbook

  • Crimes of Passion Original Art Decals as a keepsake of your time spent in the museum

  • Evidence bag,

  • black light flashlight for future evidence collection,

  • a set of handcuffs, a blindfold,

  • an evidence bag,

  • a toe tag

  • Complimentary tea, cocoa, and water


There is free parking in the back of the museum - There is a large lot on the backside off of Heliotrope- you drive to the back section and park where it says museum on the wall  


You can cancel or reschedule your ticket any time 24 hours before your slot.  You should receive a refund a few days after your cancellation.  

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