Crimes of Passion

The Los Angeles Museum of Love opened in January 2020.  We thought it would be fun to create a dark-love Halloween adventure.  We had a great time creating it and it was well received.  It occurred to us that it may be just as important to recognize unhealthy relationship behaviors as it is to understand healthy ones.  

The space next to us opened up, so we are embarked on a new connection adventure.  We highlight red flags,  test your trust of one another, discuss the uncomfortable topic of death and finish things off on a positive mysterious note. 

We have dedicated this museum to the exploration of unhealthy relationships in the hopes that this knowledge can prevent tragedies.  

There will be handcuffs, blindfolds, shocks, and deaths.  

All activities are interactive so you must bring a partner, however, it can be done with just a friend or even a stranger. T 


time spent with us

Reservations- You will travel through multiple rooms being tested.  Your ticket is for  2 hours after you enter- but other couples may also be present in the museum.  Many people take more than two hours, so if you want to spend more time, please reserve earlier in the day.  Many parts of the exhibit can get full and are sequenced, so if you are late to your appointment, you may need to wait outside for a bit.  


Children-  We love children-the owner is a single mother of five beautiful boys.  However, this is not a museum for children.  We do not allow anyone under the age of 15 to enter the museum-

Please call us with questions 323 928 2272.


Our exhibit hours vary, but on most days, we open at around 1-2 pm and the last reservation will be at around 7-8 pm and closing time will be around 9-10 pm. We definitely will stay open 2 hours after your reservation time.  (Reservation time 7:30 - the earliest we would close is 9:30 pm)

When you purchase your tickets, it will offer the exact time slots available for the exhibit you are planning to attend.


We require a reservation- just click on the reservation link.  You should receive a confirmation email, but you do not need to print a ticket.  We will have your name at the front desk when you enter, you may need to show proof of purchase via email. If you have questions- call us at 323 9282272. 


Our price is 64 dollars for two people but you receive a forensic evidence book, a blindfold, handcuffs, and other interesting paraphernalia.  


There is free parking in the back of the museum - We have two lots- a small one behind the wooden fence and the east section of the large lot directly behind the fence.


You can cancel or reschedule your ticket any time 24 hours before your slot.  You should receive a refund a few days after your cancellation.